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The flagship destination of the Three Valleys area, Courchevel is renowned throughout the world for its 5-star service, its breathtaking views, its grandiose chalets, its impeccable ski slopes and its renowned gastronomy.
Courchevel attracts a discerning clientele from all five continents to discover the authentic pleasures of a high mountain holiday.
In many ways, Courchevel is much more than a ski resort. Its dreamlike atmosphere leads you to discover its heights in a farandole of enchanting landscapes, experiences to be had and memories to be forged together, hand in hand, on the snowy peaks.
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Courchevel is a resort with many atmospheres, but it is above all a resort whose history is inseparable from that of mountain tourism and skiing as a leisure activity. Among the first to be created in France, in 1946, Courchevel was a pioneer in the art of preparing the slopes, faithful to what seems to animate it: the sense of welcome.


Perched on the heights of the Tarantaise valley in the 3 Valleys area, the resort reveals itself gradually as you make your way along a winding road. It is comprised of 6 villages, each with its own distinctive architecture and feel.

First up is Saint-Bon, the cradle. It has a baroque church and narrow streets typical of Savoie. Next you will come to Le Praz, where the Olympic ski jumps stand as proof that this is still a heartland for the sport. From there you will next reach La Tania, which is secreted amid a forest, before arriving at Courchevel Village, which delights with its family-friendly atmosphere and facilities. The same goes for Courchevel Moriond, whose location ensures optimal sunshine. Then comes the jewel in the crown:Courchevel 1850.
A place that can inspire a variety of good moods, the resort has a long and proud history of showcasing mountain tourism and welcoming people who ski for thrills. Courchevel was created in 1946 as one of France's first ski resorts and has been a pioneer in welcoming travelers and encouraging winter sports.

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COURCHEVEL 1850 5 rooms
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Gourmet and cosmopolitan

It is the epitome of gastronomic excellence, a certain French art of living and high-end tourism. As such, it enjoys a worldwide reputation. Courchevel This is a place for sports lovers and pleasure seekers, a resort renowned for its sun-kissed ski slopes, prestigious hotels, high class stores and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Clad in the colours of luxury brands that blend harmoniously with the stone and wood of Savoie chalets, the resort's narrow streets exude both authenticity and splendour. Here there is no need for cars. You can practically ski to the shops and wander into galleries displaying works by the most highly acclaimed contemporary artists. Above all, you can relish the creations of the most celebrated Michelin-starred chefs in a stimulating atmosphere where people from all over the world can mingle.

Courchevel jet set? Yes, but in the highbrow sense of the term. The people who come here cherish everything that is beautiful. They value stress-free pleasure and top quality. That is what VALLAT invites you to find. Thanks to our longstanding presence in the places in which we operate, we can offer you a collection of exceptional properties and exquisite services to go with them.


The purchase of a property in Courchevel, whether a chalet or apartment in a newbuild residence, comes with a slice of Alpine history. You cannot go wrong, this resort is a jewel in the Alpine crown which continues to increase in value and prestige with time.

In figures

600km of pistes
55ski lifts
102ski slopes
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