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Tel un miroir reflétant la beauté silencieuse des massifs de l’Epine, du Mont Revard et des Bauges, le lac du Bourget invoque la sérénité et la tranquillité la plus pure. Ses rivages où la lumière du jour étincelle comme mille étoiles, les noirs sapins qui le bordent avec majesté ont inspiré les plus grands noms de la littérature romantique. Tantôt rive tranquille des charmantes Aix-les-Bains et Bourget-du-Lac, tantôt côte sauvage qui rejoint les montagnes de la dent du Chat, le Lac du Bourget se révèle en plusieurs facettes. Appelant à la contemplation, il convie une clientèle en quête d’émerveillement et de raffinement, le temps d’un moment partagé en Savoie.

The towns around the lake

There is of course Aix-les-Bains, known as the Riviera of the Alps and famous for being a spa town, its Roman remains and Belle Epoque feel. But a stay on the Lake Bourget also offers the opportunity to explore other places from Savoie’s past. On the opposite shore, the Gothic Hautecombe Abbey houses the necropolis of the Counts of Savoie. To the north, between Portout and Chanaz, hop on board a boat for a journey along the Savière canal before visiting the vineyards and their various grape varieties. To the south, Bourget-du-lac is home to a priory, the remains of the castle of Thomas II and the fishing village of Bourdeau. Finally, a few kilometres from the lake is Chambéry, the former capital of the Duchy of Savoie, which will appeal to urban enthusiasts.


A blend of nature and heritage

With the shimmering Alpine landscape, the lakeside charm of Lake Bourget, the romantic elegance of Aix-les-Bains and the vibrancy of Chambéry, Lake Bourget and the surrounding towns will delight those who love nature and heritage in a holiday destination.

Golf enthusiasts will discover a renowned course, one of the oldest in the area. Families will take to the beaches along the longest natural lake in Europe, which offers an array of leisure pursuits such as sailing, rowing, canoeing-kayaking, rafting, fishing, diving, water skiing and more. Lake Bourget is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and has received the “France Station Nautique” (French Nautical Resort) label.

Summer and winter alike, Mont Revard and the Bauges mountains offer a fabulous playground for hiking, mountain biking and skiing. In between two sports outings, head off and explore the towns and their landmark monuments. When evening comes, after a little Michelin-star dining, the evening continues at the Casino.

This is the dream setting in which VALLAT has hand-picked a selection of exceptional properties for you. In Aix-les-Bains or Le Bourget, on the shores of the lake or up in the hills.

Investing in the future today

Now highly sought-after, properties around Lake Bourget are being snapped up thanks to its perfect location between Annecy and Lyon and close to charming historic centres such as Aix-les-Bains. A strategic investment in an exceptional quality of life.

In figures

26002600 yacht moorings
3starred restaurants
180km of mountain bike trails on the Revard plateau
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