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The island

The second-largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia is known for being untamed and proud. Situated between Corsica, Italy and the African continent, the autonomous region of Italy has been shaped by the influence of the multiple peoples who have occupied it.

Its location in the middle of the Western Mediterranean along with its natural resources have made it strategically desirable since antiquity. With its many archaeological sites, it provides a voyage into the history of the Mediterranean basin.


In between trips out as sea, don’t miss out on taking the paths which lead to the nuraghi, which are typical Sardinian stone edifices - temples or defensive towers - around which the Bronze-age villages were organised.



Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean basin, covering an area of almost 24km². Even more than its clear waters and its preserved creeks, it is its heights that the people who came from Italy, Corsica, Sicily, France, the north of the Maghreb and Phoenicia, the actual Lebanon, tried to conquer.
There are archaeological sites dating back to several centuries, even millennia before our era. Thus, the Nuragic village of Su Nuraxi and the sacred wells of Santa Cristina testify to the first traces of Sardinian occupation dating from the Bronze Age. In the province of Cagliari, you can find dolmens and menhirs here and there until you reach the ancient necropolis in the province of Sassari, in the northwest of the island.
To discover the traces of a more modern history, go to Oristano, in the western center of the island. This beautiful Sardinian city was built in the Middle Ages under Monte Arci, a dormant volcano, in the manner of a fortress. Its ramparts, watchtowers and ancient gates bear witness to the warlike history of the Judicate of Arborée. 


Who would still believe, under these stones polished by centuries of sea wind, that war was raging right here, on a beach of fine sand?
The turquoise water of Cala Goloritze, surrounded by spectacular rocks, offers absolute calm. Far from the hotel complexes and urban agitation, this unspoiled beach is a haven of peace accessible only by boat or at the end of a magnificent hiking trail through the pine trees.
Surfers will prefer Is Arutas Cabras, a beach better exposed to the wind, where the sand is shaped like small grains of white quartz rice.
As for nature, it is in Porto Pino that you will come across swarms of pink flamingos and migratory birds, which come to rest between the fine sand dunes. Of course, we can only advise you to book a panoramic boat trip to the islands of Tavolara and Molara to dive into their turquoise waters and sunbathe, far from the glare and turpitude of the world. 

A sensorial setting

Are there still unspoilt places where one can disconnect from the world and take it easy whilst still enjoying an exceptional lifestyle? Yes: Sardinia. It’s the Sardinia experience that VALLAT offers you, from the wide choice of breathtaking surroundings to the privacy of the properties selected for you.

Take yourself on a journey to discover the north of what is still an island paradise, with varying landscapes; from coves and expanses of white sand, to sheer cliffs and prehistoric fortresses, and unspoilt nature and traditional villages. Roam the land following in the footsteps of history, set sail to embrace the full breadth of the panorama, float on turquoise waters to reach deserted lagoons and savour the seafood.

And then at nightfall, enjoy the intimacy of your property: traditional houses, waterfront or inland.

Invest in the “Magical Stone” of the Mediterranean

Whether you prefer a waterfront villa or a property further inland, investing in Sardinia provides you with an absolute gem in the art of living and guarantees the intrinsic value of your asset over time.

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