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Alexandra, tell us about your beginnings at VALLAT?

My arrival at VALLAT over 20 years ago clearly marks the start of my career. Apart from small jobs, it was my first employment. I had no knowledge of real estate. Joffray VALLAT trained me and passed on his passion for the field. I started as an assistant, and one day he called me to say that from now on, I would be his right hand in Méribel!

how you combine sales and property prospecting?

My role is quite diversified. We work both in real estate sales and in property prospecting, particularly focusing on old buildings and plots of land. We assess the possibilities for expansion and the feasibility of real estate projects, such as property development operations. This leads us to be constantly in search of new properties for sale, be it apart-ments, chalets, or plots.

let's talk a bit about the company. What do you like about VALLAT?

The trust relationship with the management: we are market ex-perts in Méribel and recognized as such within the company. I also appreciate that the group has maintained a family spirit despite its international reach. Finally, I am lucky to have a golden team in Méribel, enthusiastic and united. We are always surrounded by a great atmosphere at work!

And looking back, how do you see the evolution of your career and since you started?

I am proud to have learned on the job. Starting as an assistant has allowed me to fully master my profes-sion. But what is really rewarding is walking down the street and meeting people to whom I have sold a property; seeing that they are happy with their purchase gives me a sense of a job well done.

And regarding the current real estate market, how do you perceive its evolution?

The market has undoubtedly got tougher recently. The events of 2020, such as Brexit and COVID-19, have impacted the market for British buyers, who are very present in Méribel. Since then, we have had to adapt, for example by developing virtual tours. How-ever, since last autumn, we have felt a slowdown in the market, ex-acerbated by the rise in interest rates and the difficulty in obtaining financing. The clients are there, but they are waiting, and demand has decreased. It is crucial to stay focused on our fundamentals and to continue working hard, even if the market is slowing down. This is the time to prove our presence and strengthen trust with our property owners. We still have properties in stock, but sales are mainly made with owners who have a concrete real estate project. However, transactions are still taking place, and it is important to keep the sales momentum going, even if volumes are lower.

If you had to summarize VALLAT in a few words, what would you say?

VALLAT, to me, is 'always more'. We are constantly in search of excellence and customer satisfaction.