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Our architects are attentive to your preferences and lifestyle, on hand to help you design and fit out your “home”, turning it into a haven where the living is easy, with specifications that match the place and your budget. Discover exclusive interior design that gives pride of place to authenticity and a certain way of life.

From deciding on the layout through to the decoration, our team is attentive to clients’ wishes in order to understand their way of life and their expectations, to then exactingly create the desired atmosphere.


Every detail is carefully considered to make full use of the space and bring out the feel of each room. From floor to ceiling, from the lighting to the choice of the wall colours and through to the range of materials and amenities, everything is an integral part of the overall design and related to the assurance of the quality of life VALLAT is committed to offering you. A commitment that applies whether you are looking to sell, rent or live in your property.


Our made-to-measure collection of textures, materials and colours will add elegance, comfort and a contemporary feel to your property.


This is undoubtedly the most personal step of the process, when we invite you to make your interior your own. Our architects are attentive to your wishes and your way of life, and create spaces they way you want them, while our decorators and craftspeople offer you an endless choice of materials, textures and furnishings made in workshops where authenticity, elegance and high quality are the core values. Bring your own haven to life and find the perfect balance of generous spaces and intimate décor.


Our teams are on hand to give you advice and innovative, high-performance services. Increase the value of your property assets or opt for an existing property that just needs looking at from a new perspective to restore its appeal, along with the inestimable added value that comes from an out-of-the ordinary location. And if you have no fixed ideas, we offer you a selection of properties in the most prestigious locations to create a bespoke cosy retreat brimming with character, history and a contemporary feel just for you. A place where you or your future buyers or tenants can make memories all year round.

Prix immobilier à Grimentz (3961)

Les prix de l’immobilier résidentiel et touristique à Grimentz ont connu une hausse significative ces 10 dernières années. De 2012 à 2022, le prix moyen au mètre carré des maisons et appartements a augmenté de 31,58%. Cette hausse confirme l’attractivité de Grimentz à tous points de vue, tant sur le plan sentimental que patrimonial.
8501 CHF soit 8 500€
9165 CHF soit 9 180€

Prix m² moyen pour un chalet en janvier 2023Prix m² moyen pour un appartement en janvier 2023

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