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Tilia, new home for sale in Annecy, France

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French apartment Annecy 2 rooms to 5 rooms

 At the heart of TILIA, the comfort of interiors continues through private outdoor spaces, offering you the chance to get some fresh air without having to leave your home. On the current floors, the apartments open onto deep loggias that benefit from the benevolent protection of the upper levels. Respecting the privacy and well-being of each resident, they are judiciously proportioned to suit individual tastes.

Do you aspire to live in communion with the azure? On the penthouse level, the residence features family apartments, including a 5-room duplex with a master suite.
These are extended by spacious, sunny, open-air terraces, privacy-enhanced by railings and privacy screens, as well as planted planters. These terraces are distinguished by the large number of bay windows that allow them to communicate with the heart of the apartment, as well as with certain bedrooms. Here, indoor-outdoor living can flourish without constraint: barbecues with friends, afterworks with colleagues, birthday parties with family...
The promise of good times relaxing, sharing and having fun!


Spaces and volumes bathed in light

 While refinement is on display on the façade, comfort is also evident within the TILIA apartments.

From 2- to 5-room duplexes, they reflect a contemporary conception of space: the night area is set back from the day rooms; the living room and kitchen are shared to create a larger, more convivial reception area; and circulation is optimized to make the most of every useful square meter.
The layout of the residence, as well as the layout of the apartments, has been designed to ensure that interiors benefit from the maximum amount of sunlight and maximize well-being. Residents benefit from east, south and west exposures. From T2 upwards, all apartments benefit from the advantages of double or even triple orientation:
- a feeling of space multiplied tenfold thanks to a variety of views over the surrounding area;
- ideal natural light in all seasons;
- optimal air circulation;
- perfect thermal comfort in summer and winter.


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