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The greatest adventure is the human adventure

If is often complicated to find one’s professional path, at any age. Training periods, a change of position or a career change are all times of great importance. VALLAT likes people who question themselves and to whom the words quality, service, longevity, kindness, conscientiousness, expertise and know-how really mean something.

Just a family affair

We are a family enterprise built on these values since 1956. Our desire to share them and hand them down can be felt throughout the company. It is what our success is built on. It is our DNA and it gives us great pride.

For us, it is key to keep them alive and grow them. With its 18 agencies and 90 members of staff, VALLAT believes that the greatest adventure is the human adventure.

Vallat groupe

Choose to succeed together

Joining VALLAT is of course a commitment, one taken by both sides. It is also a vision of a professional future that will see us grow, progress and succeed together. It’s about a portfolio of outstanding properties, which showcase our brand. It’s about being attentive to and of assistance to others, ongoing training and taking on challenges.

Vallat groupe

Leave nothing to chance

Offering properties, outstanding properties, that provide enjoyment is of major importance to VALLAT. Attention to detail, passion, conscientiousness and taking on board the client’s wishes are our main requirements. When you join the company and throughout your career, the VALLAT Academy will help you maximise your skills in the areas of sales, professionalism and empathy. Because the ultimate challenge in terms of growth is sharing our philosophy of property as a source of prestige and pleasure with our buyers and sellers.
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List of available positions

Négociateur / Négociatrice immobilier

Architecte d’intérieur - Annecy (74)

Gestionnaire TMA

Responsable de programmes 2 Savoie

Assistant(e) Technique en Promotion Immobilière

Assistant(e) commercial(e) en Immobilier

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A family group with almost 70 years of experience
International development in the top locations
Teams on 18 sites
A collection of exceptional properties
Tools, training, support
Attractive challenges

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