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Real estate training brings good future prospects

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“With the opening of new agencies and the diversification of all its roles, several years ago the VALLAT group, a major player in the tailor-made real estate sector, created VALLAT Academy. Its goal was to introduce those passionate about real the property business into every last detail of the industry. The training can be taken at any stage of professional life, either after secondary education or as part of a career change. Each year a vocational training programme in collaboration with the school enables around ten students to enter through the front door of the real estate world. Land prospecting,property development, sales, property management, valuations... all these subjects are introduced and covered during the training.

Each candidate takes up a position in one of Vallat’s agencies, allowing them to put into practice what they have learnt with real estate professionals. The VALLAT Academy is more than just a training programme rewarded by a diploma. The aim is to produce professionals wishing to participate in the growth of our family enterprise. Passing on and sharing our passion for the property business are the two promises the VALLAT Academy makes to you.”

Joffray Vallat
CEO Vallat

Vallat groupe

How about becoming

a business manager in tomorrow’s real estate world?

• You come from a sales or notarial background and would like to switch to a career in property
• You have a real-estate-related diploma and are looking for a role for which you lack experience and practical training

We offer to train you free of charge and integrate you into a role at VALLAT amongst those available in the different areas of the real estate industry: Real estate agent, sales assistant, land prospector, property project managers, etc...

The 3-month training alternates between classes given by professional trainers from the real estate industry for the theoretical part, and periods of placement within VALLAT’s agencies, under the responsibility of a mentor, for the practical part. The theoretical programme, in partnership with ECORIS, consists of two modules, the first is about the economic and legal context of real estate roles and the second is about real estate competencies (financial, building techniques and those pertaining to specific roles such as negotiation). At the end of the training, candidates who pass the final exam will gain certification from our partner ECORIS which approves the two modules, and may be taken on in a permanent role at one of our agencies.

Training location: ANNECY
Discover ECORIS

école Ecoris

ECORIS, business and management school

The ECORIS schools in Chambéry, Annecy, Annemasse and Lyon have specialised in tertiary higher education for 37 years and today award diplomas at various levels to over 1,000 students. Studying at ECORIS business and management school is a way to envisage a clear future, at a school with direct links to the businesses and jobs of today and tomorrow. ECORIS business school is In constant contact with the business world and has a Professional Training department which caters to the needs of employees via their training plan, the DIF, the VAE, etc.